Autism First Responder Training

Autism First Responder Training

Teach your department to help those who need them most.


Safety is at the core of all that you do. But safety looks different to someone with Autism.

Helping someone in a stressful, often life-or-death situation is never easy. It’s why your team has been carefully trained to handle almost anything that could happen while on duty. But have they been trained to handle anyone as well?

People with Autism look at the world differently. More importantly, they look at strangers differently — even those who are trying to help in extreme moments of need. Without proper training, interacting with a person with Autism could be dangerous for all involved.

In 2005, Teresa Becerra and her son Robert began training First Responders on how best to interact and communicate with people with Autism. 14 years and nearly 16,000 First Responders later, they’ve created several effective, hands-on training sessions (all including interaction with persons with Autism) that made for teams just like yours.

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I’ve been on several calls for service regarding autistic individuals and I only wish I had the training I received today. That would have helped me understand and respond to the situation much better.
— Law Enforcement Officer * Miami, FL